Wednesday, May 17, 2017

4 Projects

It's going to happen. This summer I'm going to complete four projects. A week ago, I was aiming for three. But as I pulled everything together for this post I couldn't decide between projects 3 and 4, so I added them both. All the projects are listed below, and I'll track my progress throughout the summer. I'll also try to provide useful insight into my process. I like teaching writing craft classes, so I'll probably indulge in that a little bit here. Summer is officially June 20 to September 22. So by September 23 I'm hoping to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I really hope this motivates you to pull out your own unfinished projects and wrestle them into the world. (That last sentence might be projection.)

1. 3rd Grade Animal Book (60 pages complete)
2. YA Comedy/Romance/Adventure (120 pages complete)
3. Mystery Project written in wrong point of view (complete, 
    except it's written in the wrong point of view)
4. Complete a Villanelle (over 100 not-quite-working lines)

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