Monday, December 4, 2017

Things Are Happening.

Last we left it, I was all about blazing through my summer of projects. To be honest, I'm not even sure which of those I finished. I know I've sold two things (more on that later).  Another thing is out on submission. Another thing is getting ready to go out on submission. And none of them are related in any way to my summer of projects. Also, I just received my cover art for my forthcoming poetry manuscript, Half-Hazard, with Graywolf Press. And my mail carrier delivered copies of my poems appearing in Southern Review and Poetry Magazine. (Also I'm about to do something super secret that I can't talk about yet.) So even though I didn't finish my summer of projects, I still feel productive. AND, I've got a decorated Christmas tree up in my living room right now and I also assisted my son in frosting four ugly sweater cookies, so I feel pretty real-life-calendar-current competent too.

Okay. Here's the other big news. I'm getting ready to film a web series that I co-wrote with my friend and actress/director/writer/restaurant-owner-awesome-person Adria Tennor. *warning* It's not for kids. It's also something I never thought I'd do. But it's nice to surprise myself. I'm scouting locations with Adria and the cinematographer and the rest of the crew. Am I outside my comfort zone? Big time. But I'm adapting. I'm figuring out the landscape and it's enriching me creatively.  And that's important. I'll post more progress as it comes. And I'll share my secrets once I'm able. I've absolutely loved 2017. And I still have one month left! I'll try to do a better job with updates. And I'll definitely post more Christmas cookies. Last year my son and I made Christmas trees and crocodiles. This year we're taking suggestions. . .

*photographic proof of last year's cookies*