Thursday, January 10, 2019

Twenty Years in the Making

What can I say? Half-Hazard has been out in the world just over two months. I flew around the country and talked to people about it nonstop for about four weeks. Pretty thrilling and exhausting stuff. Realization 1: I'm not built to be social or airborne for prolonged periods of time.

After spending twenty years crafting a book, one of the most rewarding things is to see it read so carefully and appear alongside other amazing books in roundups and reviews. Realization 2: I'm the kind of writer who reads her reviews (for now). I'm so incredibly grateful.

Below is a poetry roundup from the Washington Post. And a clip of me reading the title poem in the New Yorker. And a picture of my dad sitting in my signing chair at my poetry event in Idaho Falls. One of the poems in the book is "Goodbye, Idaho." Little did I know when I wrote it how often I'd return to her and her potato-theme baggage claim.

I feel so lucky that this book is finally out in the world.

Washington Post New Voices In Poetry

Half-Hazard New Yorker